SEO Specialist - Ecommerce

Company Overview: Beaatho, a pioneering ecommerce brand specializing in ergonomic office chairs, is on the lookout for a talented SEO Specialist to join our team. At Beaatho, we are committed to creating an optimal and comfortable workspace, and we need your expertise to enhance our online visibility through strategic content creation.

Position Overview: As an SEO Specialist at Beaatho, you will play a crucial role in driving organic visibility for our brand. Your primary responsibilities will include crafting compelling blogs, implementing SEO best practices, and staying abreast of search engine algorithms to ensure our products reach a wider audience.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Content Creation:

    • Develop high-quality, SEO-optimized blog content centered around office chairs, workplace ergonomics, and related topics.
    • Collaborate with the marketing team to align content with brand messaging and marketing objectives.
  2. Keyword Research and Strategy:

    • Conduct thorough keyword research to identify opportunities for organic traffic growth.
    • Develop and implement on-page and off-page SEO strategies to enhance search engine rankings.
  3. Technical SEO:

    • Audit and optimize website content, ensuring it complies with SEO best practices.
    • Collaborate with the web development team to implement technical SEO improvements.
  4. Link Building:

    • Execute effective link-building strategies to enhance domain authority and increase organic search visibility.
    • Identify and engage with relevant influencers and websites for potential collaboration.
  5. Analytics and Reporting:

    • Monitor, analyze, and report on key SEO performance metrics.
    • Provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.


  • Proven experience in SEO, content creation, and organic search optimization.
  • Strong understanding of SEO tools and analytics.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Competitive salary and performance-based incentives.
  • Opportunities for professional development and growth.
  • Collaborative and dynamic work environment.

If you're passionate about SEO, possess a keen understanding of search engine algorithms, and want to contribute to the success of a forward-thinking ecommerce brand, we encourage you to apply and be a part of the Beaatho team.


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