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What Our Client Say!

Comfortable, premium look, and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. The backrest can be tilt and height can be adjusted simply by a lever. Hardly takes a minute to assemble.

Harshit sethi

Ordered this chair for my son to attend virtual school. It is a comfortable chair. He loves it and goes around the house on the chair. I prefer sitting when he is not using it.

Isha Agarwal

After vast research, I selected this huge chair with lots of sitting space. The tilt and wheels are smooth. The high mid-back helps in supporting the neck.

Khushboo sharma

Premium design, comfortable seating, good cushion, padded handrest, safe packaging, and easy to install.

Chtena Vyas

worth buying, well priced against the other options. Best for the people who sit for a long duration for work. nowadays.

Nitin Garhwal

Using the chair for the past 2 days and enjoying the sitting experience. Premium feel and decent look. Excellent price segment, Worth buying.

Shubham Yadav